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Serving you Premium Tea Since 2012

  • Organic Loose Tea Wholesale
  • Ethical and Fair Trade
  • Family Run Small Business with a big
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Personal Service to suit your needs
  • Special Orders (min 1kg)
  • Loose tea, packaged tea, tea ware and gifts

Our Promise to You

eco-friendly • organic • sustainable • less packagingr


100% Organic

Our tea is certified organic and therefore grown without pesticides.


Fair Trade

We ensure that all of our tea is ethically sourced and sustainably grown.


High Quality

The quality of our tea is incomparable. Taste them and see for yourself.


Always Fresh

Our tea comes to you in air tight Kraft bags with a water barrier. They are compostable and you can return them to us to be reused!

Our Pact with Nature

Tea plants grow from the earth. They are as natural as you & I and we feel it’d be a sin not to have natural packaging to pop our tea into. So rest assured in knowing that the Guru Tea House tea box is compostable, the bag inside is plant based & you can go right ahead & compost those tea bags too. Who knows, some day they might grow up to be tea plants!