zero Waste

• Less Packaging • Eco-Friendly • Compostable • Refillable •


We ♥ zero waste concepts.

• less packaging • eco-friendly • compostable • refillable •

Our main goal is to reduce the amount of waste that we produce as much as possible. You can find a “choose less packaging” option when buying our teas, Our tin “refill” option is cheaper, almost like bringing your own container!

Supplying Irish zero waste stores with our teas means you can buy it with your own container, meaning less packaging all round.

Wholesale bags can be returned to us to be reused. 

Our large bulk bags from our suppliers go to good use here in our tea house. We repurpose them as bin liners as well as other things.


Our Promise to You


100% Organic

Our tea is certified organic and therefore grown without pesticides.


Fair Trade

We ensure that all of our tea is ethically sourced and sustainably grown.


High Quality

The quality of our tea is incomparable. Taste them and see for yourself.


Always Fresh

Our tea comes to you in air tight Kraft bags with a water barrier. They are compostable and you can return them to us to be reused!

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