Storm in a tea cup!

Posted on 9 Mar 2019

So some of you may have heard that the Guru tea house is starting over.
Yes, everything is a bit topsy turvy at the moment and there is much to be done before the kettle is ready!

There will be some gentle changes coming to the guru tea house TEAS.
One change is that we are redesigning the packaging. It will be eco friendly and plant based.
It isn’t easy to find suppliers of this kind of my surprise, but we have managed it!

Another change will be a reduction in the variety of tea for sale. Now don’t panic! Red dragon is still on the go! This is temporary until we have enough funds to keep us above the clouds.
We will be slowly increasing the flavors, but if you really go into withdrawals for a certain type, message us right away and we will remedy the situation,

We are so excited about the coming weeks and what the future holds for us.

Keep drinking tea and stay tuned!